Jena Elementary School



To encourage positive student behavior, students will be verbally praised and rewarded by teachers. If a child’s behavior keeps the teacher from teaching and other students from learning, the following steps will be used. Discipline is not limited to these steps. Calendars will be sent home daily for Grades K-3. The calendars must be signed by parent/guardian each day. Green/purple are acceptable behaviors.

            1st (Purple)—Verbal warning specifically to the student and behavior.
            2nd (Blue)—No recess privileges.
            3rd (Yellow)—Detention and parent contact.
            4th (Red)—PAWS or paddling.
            5th (Black)—1/2 day in-school suspension.
When folders are repeatedly not signed due to a lack of parental cooperation, the following measures will be taken:
1.     Teacher contacts parent.
2.     Principal contacts parent.
3.     Referral to LaSalle Parish Child Welfare Officer.
PE, library, computer time, and/or recess may be taken from students who engage in excessive misbehavior.  A student may be denied field trips after excessive misbehaviors. (Two notifications will be sent home.  A third notification indicates the student may not attend the field trip.)
Excessive Misbehavior:
            1st letter—One suspension (in or out of school), two PAWS visits, paddling, or office visit.
            2nd letter—2nd suspension (in or out of school), additional PAWS visit, paddling or office visit.
            3rd letter—3rd suspension (in or out of school), additional PAWS visit, paddling, or office visit.
Final Notice:
·         A visit to the principal may result in a paddling or suspension.
·         Some behaviors may result in immediate corporal punishment, suspension, or expulsion. Parents will be notified.
·         Any fighting or other violent behavior that would cause bodily harm to a student or adult and/or any other behavior identified as threatening or violent may result in immediate corporal punishment, suspension, or expulsion. Violent behavior occurs whenever anyone harms or threatens to harm a person’s body, feeling, or possessions.